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    Accounting & Bookkeeping Services We Offer

    We can leverage cutting-edge technologies to give top-notch results for our online accounting and bookkeeping clients. Our range of services covers, but is not limited to, the issues listed
    We help you keep the accounts up to date by performing bookkeeping tasks on a regular interval. We are very flexible as per the client needs as to when the bookkeeping needs to be done (Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, Yearly) Simply give us the files, and you can relax knowing that the books are up to date. Additionally, we can assist you with post-bookkeeping responsibilities including finalization, GST/HST review, financial statement preparation, etc.
    We keep track of your financial transactions and can help you reconcile your bank and credit card statements. To verify accurate posting, we audit both cleared and un-cleared trades. We sync the accounts with the accounting software to make this procedure faster.
    We provide credit card reconciliations so you can use credit cards wisely and prevent financial disaster. We keep track of all of your purchases and expenditures. When we execute the reconciliation, we look for suspicious or fraudulent activity or transactions.
    In the Accounting Program, we take care of the Fixed Assets list. We separate transactions of Capital Nature, compute depreciation, keep track of depreciation and amortization schedules, and account for gain or loss on the sale of fixed assets accordingly.
    In the books, we keep track of the Loan Account to ensure it totals up correctly at year’s end. Every month, we reconcile the loan account with the statement, evaluate the loan agreement, and calculate the repayment plan.
    We’ve got you covered when it comes to handling your bills and preventing fraud in your accounts payable. We manage the entire process, from capturing and keeping invoices to approving them, allocating costs, and making payments online. We review the AP Aging Report to prevent late payment fees from determining the optimal payment frequency. Trained in Bill.Com and other leading Accounts Payable management systems, our staff can handle any AP task.
    Using data from past invoices and conversations with clients, we devise a strategy to ensure timely payments. Our order processing, invoicing, and account-keeping services assist us in accomplishing this goal. Our staff has extensive experience with Bill.Com and other top-tier Accounts Receivable management systems and is well-equipped to handle any AR tasks. Bad debts can be avoided with proper Accounts Receivable management.

    Accounting & Bookkeeping

    What makes Unison Globus's services so unique?

    • You can monitor the company's overall performance with the help of our periodic business reports and Financial reports.

    • Profit and loss statements can be used to gain insight into a company's true financial health.

    • You can discover where your company might improve by comparing specific operational and financial measures to those similar businesses in your industry.

    • Here, we offer updated recommendations based on complex data.

    • We find trouble spots and suggest solutions.

    • Improved cash flow and fiscal management is the focus of our proposed reforms.

    • Our services can be scaled up or down depending on your company's requirements.

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    Promises Well Delivered

    Learn. Deliver. Repeat.

    I have been a client for the last two years. I have been impressed by the level of their technical knowledge and resourcefulness. I am truly grateful for my partnership with Unison Globus and honored to have them as part of my team!

    Satisfied US Client

    Maribeth Christensen

    I Trust the Unison team to produce as many as 10 tax returns for a single client. IRS revenue agents set extreme deadlines and Unison pulls the rabbit out of the hat every time without fail to meet those timely deadlines. They have vetted employees and a top-notch security policy. Don’t go anywhere else. Trust me.

    Satisfied US Client

    Joe Hopkins

    FAQs about Accounting or Bookkeeping services

    Unfortunately, many bookkeepers lack the necessary skills and expertise to keep your books in order. This was a major driving force behind the creation of Unison Globus, and it’s why you’ll only ever deal with highly trained professionals here. Our goal is to lessen your accounting bill while giving you access to better data.
    We predominantly use Xero, QuickBooks Online, Sage, TurboTax and many other accounting software tools. However, we will work with different systems based on your preferences and requirements.
    Even a year from now, as your firm grows, your financial demands and concerns will be radically different than they were a year ago. There are three indicators that you have outgrown your company:
    • They cannot assist you in obtaining a loan or expanding your firm.
    • They cannot offer guidance for your business plan or expansion objectives.
    • They erroneously filed something because it was too complicated.
    1. Invoice and bill recording
    2. Regular data entry
    3. Bank and CC Reconciliation
    4. AR AP management
    Regular data entry accounts payable and accounts receivable management, bank and credit card reconciliations, invoice and bill recording, and more are some of our bookkeepers’ tasks.
    Unison Globus provides its clients with three different engagement models for bookkeeping, accounting, and tax preparation. Pricing is tailor-made to your specific needs. Please inquire about our no-risk free demo today!
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