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    Taxes are complicated and can leave you with more questions than answers. That's why we're here to answer your questions whenever you need us.

    Personal tax Services

    At Unison Globus, we have a team of tax experts who can deliver complex tax returns within one day at the finest possible quality.

    Business Tax Services

    Our online tax preparation services are delivered remotely. Even if your business is a small enterprise or medium our tax services are for your benefits.

    Corporate Tax Services

    Maximize your tax savings and ensure compliance with our expert corporate tax return services. We understand the complexities of corporate tax laws.

    International Tax Services

    We offer proactive planning strategies to optimize your global tax structure. We help you make informed decisions that positively impact your bottom line.

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    The Unison Globus
    Method of Small Business Tax Preparation

    Obtain documents to aid in the tax filing

    We used a standard checklist which ensures that we have all the required documents before starting the tax return.

    Preparation of tax return

    The information from documents is then entered into a tax software. We follow maker checker rule for all the tax returns so no tax return gets finalized before getting reviewed by a senior tax officer.

    Confirmation from clients

    Once the tax return is prepared, we send the copy to the client for final review to ensure that nothing is missed and if any changes are required. The client then acknowledges the tax liability or refund by signing form T183.

    Final tax return submission

    After the approval, final tax return is submitted to CRA and filing confirmation is shared with client.

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    Explore topics which matter to you and your Accounting and Taxation firm.

    FAQs about Tax Preparation Services

    When it comes to outsourcing accounting work, Unison Globus is unrivaled. This is a direct result of our unwavering commitment to providing low-cost financial services to those in need. We are an elite group of tax accountants, auditors, and financial planners. Along with tax preparation outsourcing, we offer accounting and bookkeeping services, management accounts, payroll, audit, review, compilation services, virtual assistance, and accounting and finance outsourcing. As a result, we can offer businesses and individuals in Australia a wide variety of services.
    Make use of tax preparation services offered by third parties to boost your tax practice. The following are some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy:
    • Hiring an outside company to handle tax preparation allows accountants to cut their operating and capital expenses by more than half
    • Increased access to top-tier experts at reasonable rates: By teaming up with outsourcing firms, tax professionals can have access to more expert advice.
    • Improved tax season workflow management — tax season stress is real! When you use our outsourced tax preparation services, you can relieve yourself of some of the stress that comes with handling a large volume of tax returns.
    We are qualified to offer a wide range of outsourced accounting services as we are experts in the field and hold certifications from various accounting bodies. If you need help with your taxes, we offer outsourcing services for tax preparation, accounting and bookkeeping, management accounts, payroll, auditing, reviewing and compiling virtual assistance, and accounting and finances. Remember that our assistance is always to your benefit and that we strictly adhere to all regulatory accounting standards.
    Our dedicated team of tax consultants is here to help if you need outsourced tax services individually. You have to make an appointment to meet with one of our specialists, and we’ll handle the rest.
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