Our Working Approach

The fields of finance, taxes, and accounting are where our outsourcing firm shines the brightest. Our superior bookkeeping and accounting services will save you time and effort while delivering outstanding results. Unison Globus's staff will learn your business inside and out. It considers the specifics of your business to provide a thorough and adaptable strategy. As a result, we can offer the most effective individualized services for accounting firms.

How Unison Globus Processes

When deciding which accounting and financial solutions are best for you, it is important to consider the accounting firm’s current clientele, years of experience, and level of conviction. In addition, the workflow your accounting firm follows needs to be well-organized. We at Unison Globus have established procedures to guarantee that we always deliver high-quality work while sticking to our schedule.
1. One-on-one consultation describing the services & other opt information​
2. Follow up on the agreement & signing process​
3. For official authorization, contact information & mailing address will be required​

4. Previous year’s paperwork to be reviewed (signed copies of last year, Tax returns, & other vital documents).

5. Regulating a new entity’s operation that required additional documents​
6. Selection of appropriate software for their organization for accounting & taxation
7. We will analyze appropriate billing software for the organization.
8. If the prior software is appropriate, we will transfer data.​
9. We will start configuring a new chart of accounts & other features

#1 "No Obligation" Discovery Call

We enter the minds of CPAs/ EAs and enlighten the client on the need analysis during this call (Onshore and Offshore both). With this broader perspective, they will be better able to increase output, efficiency, and profitability.

#2 Top Priority for Safety and Protection:

Unison Globus' state-of-the-art IT infrastructure is comparable to an offshore venture, while its onshore location affords the same high level of security. We update our standard parameters every three months based on our individual client's security and safety valuation results.

#3 Extensive Record-Keeping:

Thirdly, we meticulously document every step, from the initial brainstorming sessions to the final implementation of the transition to using the new system in place of the old one.

#4 Real-World Advice for Existing Tech Infrastructure:

We have worked with numerous large CPA/EA firms and can confidently recommend the optimal hardware, network, and software setup for your business. Our organization endorses the RPA method for integrating systems.

#5 In-house CRM:

When it comes to our services, our customers' needs come first, and our on-premise CRM makes that possible. For this reason, we have designed and implemented an internal customer relationship management system to track our work in great detail. This helps us meet your needs in the most efficient manner possible within our time constraints.

#6 Independent Quality Assurance Department:

We have a dedicated Quality Assurance team that works tirelessly to ensure that we consistently exceed the requirements and deadlines set by our business partners. In addition, all of the accounting, bookkeeping, and tax work we do is evaluated thoroughly by our trained experts. This means we consistently provide high-quality service and results for our clients—additionally, the team archives paperwork to back up our QA approval. To produce the highest possible quality results, we continuously improve our procedures.

#7 Dependable IT Help Desk Services

Our team ensures they use the most up-to-date accounting and financial technology available in this increasingly technological world. In-house, our IT and development team is top-notch, staffed by knowledgeable tech pros. We are well-versed in all the major international accounting software packages.

#8 Intensive Training

Our off- and on-site employees undergo extensive training to ensure smooth operations and quick adaptations to the new systems. In addition, proper protocols for coordinating communications among the various teams are kept in place.

#9 Service Level Agreements (SLAs) That Stand The Test Of Time

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are put in place by Unison Globus to ensure that all parties involved in a project have a clear understanding of the services to be delivered, as well as the associated costs and deadlines. In addition, we are always honest and open with our clients in all agreements we make. Therefore, uncertainty is minimized as much as possible.

#10 International Staff Exchange Program through our Independent Affiliate "Legacy Academy":

Through our Independent Affiliate, "Legacy Academy," we offer an international staff exchange program that provides teams with international experience and exposure while providing in-depth, hands-on training.