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    Customized Payroll Solutions

    We are a frontrunner among payroll outsourcing firms because we offer comprehensive services to meet organizations’ diverse and intricate requirements. Among these are:
    We can easily keep tabs on all of your payroll information and update it to reflect any changes that have been made, such as new laws, updated tax tables, mandatory bonuses, or payments to the employee as a result of their resignation including processing Record of Employment.
    We assist with processing payroll in every possible way, from checking time sheets and calculating compensation (including overtime and bonuses) to managing payroll taxes. Different time intervals can generate payroll, including weekly, bimonthly, monthly, semi-monthly, and annual. After processing payroll, we provide paycheques and paystubs in the required format.
    Our staff ensures that all payroll transactions are recorded in the books immediately upon processing.
    Our team checks the payroll records against the payroll liability periodically and annually to ensure accuracy. Our team also regularly reconciles payroll liability balance as per accounting records with RP account balance.
    Our staff will be responsible for keeping track of the deadlines, managing all the taxes, and providing regular updates. We will timely send you PD7A and will keep track of any outstanding dues to avoid interest and penalty. We will help you prepare T4 and filing the same before the due date.
    We are very knowledgeable in statutory compliances and tax counselling, and we can assist you in managing all of the tax compliances associated with payroll along with responding to CRA notices.

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    Our Payroll outsourcing services have many advantages.

    • Trained & Experienced Professionals: Our staff consists of highly trained professionals with extensive experience in accounting, tax preparation, and financial management. They simply manage the payroll demands of companies in any country. We are Canada's go-to experts in payroll solutions for CPA and accounting companies.

    • Tailored Solutions: Our solutions may be tailored to the specific requirements of any business and scale to accommodate future growth.

    • Law Compliant: Our staff is competent in all areas of labour law compliance and tax and regulatory compliance.

    • Cutting-edge IT Systems: We have cutting-edge IT systems in place for efficient payroll processing. When it comes to deadlines, we not only stick to them but also often exceed them.

    • Payroll Software Expertise: When it comes to payroll processing, our crew is well-versed in using a wide variety of programs, including GUSTO, ADP, Intuit, Paychex, Paycom, and Evolution. We've worked with payroll and accounting software integration before.

    Unison Globus's Payroll Services: How Do They Work?

    • First, gather specific information regarding organization structure; Payroll frequency, No of employees, wages structure (Hourly/Salary) etc

    • Second, collect timesheet after the end of pay period and process the payroll,

    • Then, send paycheques to client and record payroll in accounting system,

    • Fourth, generate PD7A for all the payroll processed during the month and forward to client for payroll liability remittance,

    • Fifth, check if payroll liability is remitted before 15th of next month and employees are paid,

    • Preparing Record of Employment when an employee leaves, keep track of Vacation accrued, preparing T4 slips etc.

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